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Here are a number of links I have found useful for looking up facts and documents about Israel and the Middle East. There's a lot of propaganda around and I find it's always worth checking sources, to be sure you are getting straight and honest information (which you're usually not). Click on the icon to get to the site.

The Jerusalem Post is Israel's oldest daily English newspaper. Its politics have gone from left to right to far right to religious and half-way back again. But the day's news is always there.

The Times of Israel is a daily online newspaper that delivers (free) to your email every evening all of the news there is about Israel . Authoritative, reliable, professionally produced, well edited, and full of the right pictures, it's all there if you want to stay on top of things here. There's sometimes too much, so you read selectively, but this source will definitely keep you up to date.

Ha-Aretz is Israel's prestigious Hebrew daily newspaper. The English edition, published and distributed together with the International Herald Tribune, is a good sample of what's in the Hebrew daily. Ha-Aretz is definitely a Tel Aviv paper; its intellectual literary, social and artistic columns are second to none while its politics are liberal, left-wing, and dovish. A complete contrast to the Post. It is hard to like both papers.

I have found this a very useful site for official positions of the government and especially for original documents, treaties, protocols, and like. It's a good place to start when you need to know just what official papers really say.

AIPAC is the chief voice of the Israel lobby in America. This is a useful site for finding the Israeli position on important issues.

CAMERA is an organization which tracks what they are writing and saying about Israel in the newspapers, radio and especially on television. They report on unfair coverage and definite bias. The Americans -- who trust CNN and NPR and the networks -- need this watchdog very badly.

The Middle East Media and Research Institute is, as its name implies, a forum for examining publications, trends, cultural and religious phenomena, etc. in the Arab world. Serious stuff and worth reading.

IMRA, Independent Media Review Analysis, reports on what the Israel and Arab press are writing, on public opinion polls, on documents and general news stories that appear in the press. A good place to find out what the Arabs are saying about us in Arabic, for their own audiences, rather than in English for western consumption

JTA is a news service, like Reuters or AP, that supplies Israeli and Jewish world news to the various media: radio & television stations, newspapers, magazines, etc.. Comprehensive coverage of what's happening that day.

Lichi Translations is an agency which some of you might find useful. It is a company providing translations from any language to any other one. Specializing in business-oriented Far Eastern languages -- Chinese, Japanese and Korean -- Lichi also deals with documents in Hebrew, Russian, and other Eastern European languages, translating to and from English, and providing interpreters for meetings. You are invited to keep Lichi in mind as a useful resource.
Note that the inclusion of this link in my web site has NOTHING to do with the fact that the owner of the agency, Mikhal Heffer, is my daughter.


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