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Walter Zanger, born: 25 September 1935, died: 28 August 2015, was an Israeli lecturer, author, columnist, film-writer, television personality and one of Israel's best-known guides. He was the author and publisher of FROM JERUSALEM, a monthly newsletter with an international circulation, a contributor to newspapers, encyclopedias and magazines, a member of the Editorial Board of the Jewish Bible Society, author of a school book on Jerusalem, and of another small book on the Land of Israel for distribution to the Jews of the former Soviet Union.

mysteries of bibleMore recently, he was featured on the Mysteries of the Bible series on the A&E Network. He served as editorial adviser for the series and appeared regularly on the program.

Mr. Zanger has lectured extensively at synagogues, churches, museums, universities and community centers across the United States and Canada and has appeared on television and radio news and talk shows. He became widely-known in the United States as the archaeological host of the long-running television magazine, “Hello Jerusalem” and has also written and appeared in a number of documentary films for the Israel Film Service and for the History Channel. One of them, Treasures from the Holy Land, was a Book-of-the-Month Club selection and is still shown periodically on PBS.

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Born in New York, Mr. Zanger is a cum laude graduate of Amherst College, and then of the Hebrew Union College, where he received a Masters degree and was ordained a rabbi. After ordination he joined the United States Air Force as a chaplain. Stationed in the Philippines, he served Jewish personnel throughout Southeast Asia.

He and his family emigrated to Israel in 1966. He served for six years as assistant to the publisher and as a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Judaica. After working for the Jerusalem Post, where he has also written book reviews and a travel column, he entered the tourism industry. He has received the Ministry of Tourism's Distinguished Tourism Employee award as well as an honorary doctor of divinity from the Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion in Jerusalem in 2007. Mr. Zanger served as a sergeant in an anti-aircraft battalion in the Israel Defense Forces for a dozen years. Both before and after his discharge from the Army he was (for 35 years) an active volunteer in the Tourism Unit of the Israel Police. He lived in the Jerusalem suburb of Ein Karem. For a detailed CV, with more information than you ever wanted or needed to know, read on..

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